Recommended reading

I am always looking for books to read, so I thought I would recommend a few myself:

The gifts of imperfection


The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. This book deals with shame and the effect that has on our interactions. Watch her TED talks for a preview of the content.




The Great Partnership by Jonathan Sacks. This is the best argument available for the importance of both science and religion. It is substantially better than any written by Christian theologians.


Naked Now Book Cover


The Naked Now by Richard Rohr OFM. The central argument is on the importance nondualism. Well recommended for anyone wanting to go a little deeper into faith.


Praying the truth


Praying the Truth by William Barry SJ. This is the book I wish I had written. The fundamental premise is the importance of honesty in prayer.





Grieving: A Beginner’s Guide by Jerusha Hull McCormack. This is a very useful little book for anyone who is going through grief and for anyone who is trying to support someone going through grief. Buy it and read it before you need it!


The practice of spiritual directionThe Practice of Spiritual Direction by William Barry SJ and William Connolly SJ. Although several decades old now, this remains the best book on spiritual direction in the Ignatian tradition.