Connecting with nature

The last few weeks have been tough for me. A combination of being ill, a pressured phase of the semester and some other personal things have meant I have been living outside of my happy equilibrium zone. Karoo NPBut this weekend I went camping with a good friend in the Karoo National Park. It is one of the most striking national parks I have ever been to. The scenery is simply beautiful and inviting. They have far more game than one might expect.

Simply being there, soaking in the quiet was revitalising. The joy of seeing the big ears of female kudu; the striking colours of the gemsbok; the beauty of the red hartebees; and the unexpected pleasure of the stripy-ness of the Cape Mountain Zebra (rather than the relatively dull Burchell’s variety) just hit a cord deep within.

We saw a pair of Black Eagles soaring one day, and had the pleasure of spotting their nest where they were resting in the early morning sun the next. Bulbuls, robins, chats and weavers caught my attention. Their incessant chatter gave my early morning cup of coffee a rhythmic theme.

There is something about being in the bush that just makes me feel better. I can feel my spirit taking a deep breath and relaxing.

I am deeply grateful for the capacity to be able to take such breaks. And I sincerely hope I will do so more. Being close to nature just revives me in a way that nothing else does.