The power of the pause

Pause and notice the God who is with you…

Ignatius of Loyola makes a simple suggestion in one of the additional instructions he gives in the Spiritual Exercises. Where it appears in the text suggests it is an after thought; one of those things that perhaps he automatically did himself and just forgot to mention earlier on.

Pause for the space of an Our Father and notice how God our Lord is looking at you.

Some people do have a mental image of a face with a facial expression they can describe. Some people can name a qualitative sense of a feeling – God is looking on me with compassion, God is looking on me with concern, occasionally God is gently amused. Some people notice a physical sensation of God’s presence.

Don’t over think it.

Just pause and notice….

And notice what you noticed.

Don’t worry about what it looks like – what did you notice?

The power of that little exercise is that it can be done anywhere at any time. Immediately we are brought into the awareness that we are not alone, that God is indeed here, now. That God is indeed, real. And that God is present and responsive to me.

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