Interior freedom is not cheap

Interior freedom is not something you can fake. You know it if you have it. It is also neither static nor comprehensive.

I have more conscious in recent years of the areas of unfreedom in me. I suppose this is because small areas of freedom have been etched out. Knowing what true freedom is even in a very small interaction means I have a touchstone. I know the flavour and texture of interior freedom, so I know it when I don’t have it.

As I have uncovered a space where I know I am not free, I have begun to simply pay attention. To become curious about the hooks. What is it that has me fearful or defensive? What is the invitation?

Gently leaning into the discomfort, having the conversations I need to have, praying for grace where I need it, and holding the stories I have told myself to make sense of my world very lightly. Slowly, slowly, slowly, there has been an increase in interior freedom.

It isn’t an easy journey, and no one can do it on your behalf. But it really is well worth it.

One thought on “Interior freedom is not cheap

  1. Mags,
    Thank you for this reflection. Inner freedom and detachment are areas in which
    God has been speaking with me – I write “with me” because this has been a conversation between God and me for a while. As you have written, none of this is easy but it is deeply worthwhile. Blessings on your journey toward inner freedom!

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