Five years

I began this blog five years ago today.

It wasn’t my first blog, I had at two failed attempts at blogging prior to this. Both failed because I was afraid of putting my thoughts ‘out there’. And so I made them subscriber access only or hid them and invited a small select few to read. I had to become brave enough to let my words take on a life of their own before I could actually sustain a blog.

A couple of years ago I bumped into someone after church who said to me ‘I read your blog and I enjoy it, but how do you come up with all of your ideas.’ I can’t remember now what I said in response, but it was question that slightly mystified me – what do you mean how do I come up with the ideas? What is posted here is a tiny fraction of what occupies my mind. The ideas that I share are those that I want to crystallise for myself, or that I have crystallised and I think will be helpful to others.

What has surprised me is that five years on, I still cannot tell whether a post will gain significant traction or not.  Those posts which I have thought were either very context specific or very much written for my benefit rather than the desire to say something meaningful tend to resonate a lot more than I would expect.

Why do I keep writing? I enjoy the gentle feedback. It is encouraging to know that there are others thinking in similar ways. Occasionally I get some push back, but that is normally because the 300 or so words that I usually use doesn’t allow for much nuance or development of thought.

So for now, I’ll keep going. It is sufficiently uncomplicated that it doesn’t require terribly much energy, and I gain a lot from the process. If that balance tips then, I’ll revisit.


5 thoughts on “Five years

  1. Ditto: “I still cannot tell whether a post will gain significant traction or not.” I have come to recognize the main benefit is mine, the time thinking the writing through in conversation with the Lord. Kind of like enjoying the sunshine and fresh air for the day spent throwing seeds around. What Jesus chooses to do with them, which ones will sprout in good ground tomorrow, is his choice. 🙂

  2. Oh, Mags, I’m not much of a responder to blog posts, but today I must say that each one of these words or sentiments resonate with me, from the hidden blog to the multitude of thoughts … thank you for sharing this, for being brave enough to be vulnerable enough to put your thoughts “out there”.

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