The grace of forgiveness

It’s here!

The grace of forgiveness

This book has been a long time coming. In the end I know that I wrote it more for me than for anyone else. Those who have read it already say that they have found it helpful.

Essentially it is a guide to help navigate the world of forgiveness and apology in the everyday hurts and misunderstandings.

This is from the promo on Amazon:

‘”The Grace of Forgiveness” looks at the everyday pain of damaged relationships beginning with the recognition that the reaction to being wounded does not have to be striking back or pulling out! Author, scientist and spiritual director, Margaret (Mags) Blackie writes this insightful book from her own experience and journey out of the shadow of unforgiveness. These pages offer hope. They offer the possibly of new life. The journey of forgiveness is often uncomfortable, but in the end relationship may be restored leading to the fruit of interior freedom.’

6 thoughts on “The grace of forgiveness

  1. Congratulations Mags! Not only for the honour of being published but for the hard work that must have gone into such a personal book. Thank you for being open to sharing in order to help others. Blessings on you and on those who read your book!

  2. The forgiveness that restores and enables our relationship to others is one of the most important disciplines to learn in our Christian walk. It may be the MOST important. We are being brought into a FAMILY of God’s, and we must learn how to live together in peace, loving one another. Kudos for tackling this subject, Mags. It is critical for all of us.

  3. Mags,

    I am thrilled for you to have reached this lofty life summit! Grab a knee, draw a breath, take a moment and bask in the long-view light of your accomplishment! I look forward to curling up with your book this winter-on-the-way and being warmed by the sound of your wisdom… Cheers!

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