The power of a question

Someone I am enjoying getting to know ended our last encounter by saying ‘Next time we meet, I’d like to know what you think about x’.

I met her again recently and after we had caught up, she asked me the question again.

I had thought about it before we met, and I didn’t have a coherent response. I knew my gut response, but I didn’t actually have a real answer. We spoke a little. I gave my gut response, she explained her own position – different and not different to mine. Similar in essence, but we come from quite different viewpoints.

It was only as I was driving home that I was finally able to put into words what was at stake for me. It may not make any sense at all to anyone else, but I understand my gut response now.

All because of a question, and the willingness of have a conversation.

My position isn’t set. Now that I understand my driver, I can engage with the same question again at a deeper level. Maybe the position will hold, maybe it won’t.

I don’t think the actual position is nearly as important as the willingness to explore with a spirit of discernment.

One thought on “The power of a question

  1. Mags, openness to new insights and the opinions of others is key to harmonizing relationships and finding the truth in all aspects of life. Thanks for sharing your insights.

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