I think when most people are on the receiving end of a gift or support we tend to respond as though gratitude and indebtedness are correlated. And most of us tend towards one end of the binary. Either we are grateful and feel indebted or, perhaps wishing to avoid indebtedness we cannot allow ourselves to be grateful.

Grateful and indebted                                                   Ungrateful and free

But what if those two are not on opposite ends of a single spectrum. What if they are related but not correlated?

The sweet spot is when we can be both grateful and free.

It is truly possible to feel deep gratitude and yet not feel like I have to try to repay the kind action in any way.

Being able to receive with grace is an important part of being fully alive.

4 thoughts on “Receiving

  1. I have been at the receiving end of so much loving support and kindness in the last couple of weeks. It’s humbling. I do get tempted towards the thought: How will I ever repay? The grace that helps me is trusting that this is God’s love manifested. Undeserving and free. Thank you Mags xxx

  2. Excellent and practical. I know people who have struggled with this – it almost pains them to hear anyone tell them “thank you.” And they have difficulty receiving help. Yet God tells us we’re supposed to live together as family. It’s expected that we will be salt and light to each other. It’s good to learn to say “thank you” to everybody – God and people. Then smile!

  3. To accept help freely is very difficult. It is something that I have learned over the last several years. I have always been grateful but I struggled with feeling that I needed to reciprocate until I learned that I would be taking something very special from the giver – the opportunity to give without receiving anything in return except the gratitude of the receiver. I’m so grateful for the many people in my life who give in this amazing way and who receive from me freely and with gratitude – knowing that all is gift from God!

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