Slaying (domestic) dragons

I confess I am not good at getting home repairs done. There is no doubt the fact that I have 40 minute commute to work plays a significant role in this. I can’t just pop back home when the people doing the repairs say they are on their way. It takes planning.

But that isn’t the real issue. The activation barrier lies with the fact that I live in a large building that has preferred contractors. You can use anyone you like, but life really is better if you use the people who are known. This sounds simple enough, but it requires talking to the building supervisor and asking who I should be calling.

As I usually leave for work before she begins her day, days quickly turn into weeks. And unless the repair is on something that is highly inconvenient, I learn how to work around the problem, and then the urgency simply falls away.

So this week I decided to spend some time working from home tackling some of the domestic repairs that need doing. I feel quite triumphant! (I won’t admit to how long one or two of the problems have been lurking…). No doubt my sense of triumph is directly related to the degree of procrastination!

2 thoughts on “Slaying (domestic) dragons

  1. Love the way you have expressed your sense of triumph! It really is a great feeling to accomplish something that has been on my to-do list for far too long.

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