Seeking to understand

I went to a talk recently that I found profoundly disturbing. When I say that I felt like my mind needed a ritual cleanse afterwards, I’m not exaggerating. What amuses me though is my response. The very next day I sent a message to fellow attendee who is well schooled in the subject matter. I asked him for some good reading material to balance the perspective.

What amuses me is that for the first time I realise how powerful and reflexive the drive to seek information is. I know that I gain security from knowledge and understanding, but I had never before seen it for what it was almost as it was happening.

I know many people are driven by the desire to control. That’s never been my thing, and I have never really understood it. Until now. I still don’t have a felt sense of need to control, but I do see how the compulsion works now. I recognise my own version – the need to understand.

Illuminating and amusing… I’m still going to read the material that I asked for…

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