In my last post I offered the first half of a beatitude – Blessed are the truth tellers…

I had no end to that beatitude until I received an email from a friend who had also been on the pilgrimage.

Blessed are the truth tellers, for they will have the truth told to them.

It is a beatitude I will return to over and over again.

What is striking though is that it needed the participation of both of us to create it.

In a sense this beatitude is the symbol of my own journey of the last couple of years. I lead quite a solitary life, but in recent times I have become aware of the terrible lie we have been sold in individualism. We need community; real community.

It is humbling, and perhaps a little humiliating on occasion, to realise just how much I need others.

This beatitude is symbol to me of the humbling end of the spectrum. And it is to this that I cling in hope when I am confronted by those encounters which are more humiliating.

3 thoughts on “Community

  1. Mags, it is a great truth that we need community. I’m very independent but every so often I am forced to recognize that I need to admit that I can’t do things myself. I am blessed that I had a life-changing incident fifteen years ago – my spouse of almost 40 years saw greener grass – and God led me into a community of people who are like family. We need to be alone at times but, as you are discovering, we need each other. Not only do you need others, others need you. Together we make a beautiful tapestry of God’s creation. Blessings on this new aspect of your journey!

  2. Beautiful message! Good for those of us who love being alone and solitary pursuits. We all need each other and good to be reminded of this and make the necessary effort to develop community

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