So far 2017 has proved an interesting year. It has been the crossing of the threshold into myself. Over the past few years I have really entered into acknowledging, accepting and letting go of, the things that once wished hadn’t shaped me. It has been a time of deeply accepting the limitations of who I am, and coming to the beautiful freedom which emerges.

It has also been a year when I seem to have made more mistakes than ever before. I have failed in friendship, I have let down my colleagues, and I have precipitated pain among those I love.

It has also been a year, where I have been invited to speak in so many new communities about things of faith.

This afternoon I begin a journey of pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I will get to stand in the places where Jesus stood. But perhaps more importantly, I will follow the journey which so many people of faith have taken before. And as I embark on this journey, I come as I am, so aware of the blend of giftedness and failure that I am.

I carry with me every person whom I know I have caused distress this year.

7 thoughts on “Pilgrimage

  1. Mags, it is an incredible experience to be in the Holy Land. I have had the privilege of travelling there a few times and each time has been a different experience with our Lord. May God’s presence be very real to you as you follow the footsteps, not only of Jesus the Christ, but of so many others who love God so. Blessings and prayers!

  2. What an extraordinary experience my trip to The Holy Land was enhanced, in no small way, by your amazing input in circumstances impossible to comprehend Let alone Being able to accept that it was the will of God.
    My sincere thanks which are as sincere as thanks can ever be.
    Best wishes. Simon

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