A different kind of thin place

In the Celtic tradition there is the notion of ‘thin places’. Traditionally this is meant to mean that in these places heaven and earth seem a little closer. I think I would express this as places where I find it easy to encounter God. There are certainly places that I can go to where this does seem real.

But there is another kind of thin place. A place where I find easy to connect with myself. They are places where I find deep tranquility, and a visit is always profoundly restorative on a level which is hard to describe.

I’m deeply grateful that over the last year or so I have had frequent access to one of these places. I can escape for a weekend and bask in the calm of my soul. When this first became a possibility, I thought I would bring friends here, but the more often I come, the more I realise that I crave the sanctuary of solitude when I am here.

As I recognise this quality of thinness I begin to understand why I desire to be here alone.

2 thoughts on “A different kind of thin place

  1. It is so important to connect with ourselves for, in reality, when we connect with our deep inner selves, we are connecting with Christ in us. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of solitude.

  2. I was hoping to learn where this “thin place” was but then I realized that would defeat the purpose and it may lose its thinness and be like any other place. Thanks for sharing. We all need a “thin place” where we can restore our soul.

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