Twenty sacred minutes

Since my retreat in January I have begun a practice of taking some time when I get home from work. I take twenty minutes to just sit and let myself be present. It isn’t a practice of active mindfulness, nor is it the stilling of Centering Prayer.

It is simply a time of allowing myself to be. To watch the evening light on the mountains. To gently sip a beverage. To just be.

Those twenty minutes somehow create an unexpected spaciousness. My life is not so full that I don’t waste time. Most of my evenings are not spent particularly productively. But somehow the intentional quietness of these twenty minutes creates a sense of peace. It removes any sense of urgency, and yet at the same time, I am more likely to spend my time in useful occupation after the investment.

It takes my mind off the hamster wheel of daily activity, and allows for moreĀ intentional effort.

These twenty sacred minutes are the most valuable time investment I have made (beyond my morning prayer).

One thought on “Twenty sacred minutes

  1. Creating those ‘buffer’ zones is good work! And what good timing for the post – we all need ways of remembering ourselves, and in our times, too, softening ourselves and really coming home . . . as often as possible. Well done, you! x

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