Building community

I am a reasonably solitary person. I do have a good number of significant personal relationships which form a complex web of support. But I have never been very good at relating to others in any configuration other than one-on-one.

Consequently the insight of my last blog post on the face of evil has caught me a little off guard. To effect real positive transformation in our world it is necessary but insufficient for me to simply do my own work. I must do my own work. I must face my own woundedness. I must allow myself to enter the Pascal mystery of my own suffering, before redemption can occur.

But if I am to truly have any kind of impact on the world I must align with others. I must actively form a community of people who have a desire to make difference. And we must work together to make a difference.

This is a deep challenge to me. It is a call, a beckoning, an invitation, to step beyond my comfort zone. Quite what it will look like, I have no idea. I know only that it is time to begin seeking in earnest.

2 thoughts on “Building community

  1. What a wonderful hatching of insight, Mags! Very resonant and a good message for our times (and for the tribe of introverts!) Thinking on it, I was reminded of the philosophy of Ubuntu which I am covering a little in a class this semester in its Japanese guise called ‘kizuna’ which means something like the ways we are woven together. I was recently inspired, along the lines of your post, by the autumn series from 2016 at St Martin in the Fields called something like ‘who is my neighbour?’ which you can find online.

    Good post!

  2. We all share the challenge you name, Mags. The blatant disrespect and ignorance that is flagrant today can only be reversed with caring community, based on solid values.

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