The gift of spiritual friendship

I went for a walk with a friend yesterday. She and I have know each other for a long time. We first met nearly eighteen years ago. But our friendship dates really back to my return to Cape Town in 2007.

I don’t remember now how it began, but I do recall a conversation on a walk, very similar to the one we took yesterday, where we decided that we would meet regularly for ‘spiritual conversation’.

This particular friendship has been and remains a real treasure. Our social circles do not intersect. This is not a connection that would have thrived if we had not both intentionally committed to it. And yet this friendship is one I treasure deeply.

Not all spiritual friendships endure. Some have a specific season. Some occur by virtue of circumstance.

As I reflect on this particular relationship – almost immediately a parade of others appear in my mind’s eye. A long established close friendship with a fellow Ignatian enthusiast; the friends with whom I shared lunch this same day; my Living School companions; friends I encountered at a book launch a few days ago; etc. etc.

I have been inordinately blessed in my companions on The Way.

4 thoughts on “The gift of spiritual friendship

  1. Ah, I’m feeling it Mags. This “Walk-of-the-Way” knows no bounds. We journey together into the deep with ease, and it is “love-ly.”

  2. Mags, I marvel at the amazing people whom God has brought into my life along my spiritual journey. As you write, some are here for a specific purpose and some friendships continue and deepen and awaken a deeper walk with our Lord as we journey together. And some of the friendships blossom over the internet as well! God is so incredibly generous. Blessings on your day.

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