The path of least resistance

I had the extraordinary experience last week of being Albuquerque for the start of my second year of the Living School. It is hard to be in the presence of Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault, Jim Finley, Carolyn Metzler, Mary Evelyn Tucker and Jack Jezreel and not come away feeling enriched.

Not only was I on the receiving of these wonderful teachers, but I was surrounded by people who have become friends. People who are searching for something more. People with whom I can speak a common language.

Jim Finley keeps coming back to the idea that we cannot achieve encounter with God through our own efforts. We cannot enter contemplation. We cannot touch ‘unknowing’. Choose your favourite metaphor for the sweet experience which does not leave us the same. All we can do is put ourselves in the path of least resistance.

Much to my surprise I am beginning to discover that my own path of least resistance requires, in part, hanging out with those who are seeking a similar thing. Having conversations that are deeply real and yet words cannot quite get to the essence of what we are trying to communicate.

The spiritual journey is not a solitary one, although the moment of encounter is never shared. I am left in awe of the mystery, deeply grateful for each person who shared my journey last week.

6 thoughts on “The path of least resistance

  1. You captured it perfectly. The application of Jim Finley’s path of least resistance to the phenomenon of being in the company of, and in conversation with others. The depth and limits of those conversations. Very, very helpful.

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