Thirty days of beauty (part 2)

I am on day six of my 30 days of beauty challenge. It is well worth doing. I have become significantly more aware of the beauty in my life.

I am much more aware of the astounding scenery which frames my daily commute from Pinelands to Stellenbosch everyday. The changing light and the beauty of the formation of the clouds. Obviously I can’t capture any of this share as I am driving, but it sets me up for my day in a wonderful way.

I am more likely to read poetry and to listen to a song which has been shared precisely because I am wanting to find beauty. And I do, over and over again.

The practice of the search for beauty is making every day significantly richer. It isn’t that I am ignoring the pain and suffering, it is just holding the tension of the entire spectrum of life rather than focusing just on one aspect.

I shouldn’t be surprised that this has been the effect, although I confess that I am. Several years ago I started a 30 days of gratitude challenge – the effect on my life has been lasting. I am more grateful as a result. And I think I am genuinely more content.

Where we choose to focus our energy really does matter. And we really do have a choice. Maybe it is time to start your own 30 day challenge – it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it has the capacity to draw you into awe, wonder and gratitude.

We need to practice savouring the good because our minds do discard the good if we don’t. We need to hold something we appreciate for at least 15 seconds or it will slip away (the teflon mind). Negative interactions require no such effort we cling to those like velcro. (You can read more about thisĀ

2 thoughts on “Thirty days of beauty (part 2)

  1. A great mode of activism! Attention is the true economy; absolutely condition it toward what is good and true and beautiful!

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