One man’s courage

Like so many of my fellow Zimbabweans in the diaspora, I have been watching the events in Zimbabwe this last week.

It is quite awe inspiring to watch the courage of Pastor Evan Mawarire. He started the #thisflag movement some months ago. It has caught the imagination and attention of all Zimbabweans. The notion that an ordinary citizen without political affiliation can inspire the shut down of the country for a day is almost unthinkable.

One of the great joys of the Zimbabwean people is that they are quite peaceful. They do simply make a plan when things get tough. Alas that has meant that they have suffered far too long under a repressive regime.

But now, one man has inspired mass action. It is nothing short of miraculous that the charges against him were dropped yesterday. I have no doubt that the state controlled media will begin a vicious character attack against him. The combination of spurious legal allegations and libelous attack has been used over and over again to discredit those who stand up.

It is amazing to watch all the lawyers who showed up to defend him. All the church leaders who showed up in support. And the hundreds of ordinary Zimbabweans draped in the flag. Whatever happens this moment shows that there are still people of extraordinary vision who can inspire the action of thousands of others.

I pray for all those who support this brave man. I pray for his wife and for his children. And I pray for my country. I sincerely hope this marks the start of a new era.

5 thoughts on “One man’s courage

  1. Oh, Mags, this is on my heart presently, too. I was amazed and delighted to see this morning (my time) that Pastor Evan had been released, but as you intuit (and I agree), what’s coming now is what will really be the test.

    I join you and everyone who prays and works for good in this time wholeheartedly in your last paragraph’s intentions. 🙏🏻

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