Anam cara

‘Anam cara’ is a Celtic term meaning ‘soul friend’. I have been tremendously blessed in the last decade or so. Slowly, slowly, I have come to know the blessing to such encounters.

Some have an inherent gentle rhythm, some have a brief intensity. But all retain a deep, soulful resonance which overcome both distance and time.

It is always a grace, always unexpected, and always healing. This time I have no words to describe the encounter, except to say that in one beautiful exchange it was almost sacramental.

There is something so moving when two souls resonate. It doesn’t happen by accident. It is a choice. A willingness to engage with vulnerability.

It is a tremendous gift, and each time I am granted the privilege of encountering this space anew, it has a different flavour, a different feel. And I am led further into the mystery of relationship which we call God.

One thought on “Anam cara

  1. This resonates so deeply with me as God has been very generous in bringing soul friends to me at various times in my life. It is not often when we have the privilege of meeting a soul friend but they are treasures in our lives. I am grateful to be so very blessed! Thanks for putting this into words Mags.

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