Embracing the chrysalis

Last year I went through an interesting phase of undoing. The very ground within my being seemed to be changing. It was deeply unnerving and yet, at the same time I had a real sense of invitation in the midst of it.

My sense of where God was was also shifting, so the usual points of solace were not to be found, and yet, I knew God wasn’t absent.

I am tremendously grateful that I was staying with my sister at the time. In many ways her willingness to sit with me in the chaos, gave me both permission and courage to do so.

As I passed out of this phase of utter undoing, I was given an opportunity (or rather series of related opportunities) to live into a new way of being. The challenge was real enough – each ‘opportunity’ required facing into my deepest fear.

The combination of these things has been truly transformational. I don’t know how to describe the interior change that has happened except to say that it feels so much healthier.

So for those out there who are in the weird undoing of the chrysalis phase – take courage!

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