Watching the waves

I went body boarding last weekend for the first time in years. I had been hampered for a while by a frozen shoulder and then just didn’t quite get round to getting back in the water.

I was inspired to return to the waves when I went for a walk with a friend on Muizenberg beach.

I had forgotten the how meditative it is. As you bob in the water watching wave after wave; waiting for just the right combination of timing of the break, size of wave and your own position.

Then the joy of catching the wave just right.

And then, you start all over again, making your way through the breakers and begin to watch the waves again.

There is a simplicity and an immediacy to the experience which is tremendously freeing.

If you put yourself out there in the waves and are attentive, sooner or later you’ll catch one – it reminds me of the life of prayer – if I just keep showing up and I am attentive, sooner or later, something shifts, something catches and it takes my breath away.

3 thoughts on “Watching the waves

  1. Lovely.
    Michael Casey talks about balance. He says, I’m paraphrasing, that it’s not the balance of a statue like David. Rather it’s like a surfer on his/her board: always in motion in response to the wind, waves, and body.
    When I strive for balance, I envision movement, not stability!
    Thanks, Mags.

  2. God only expects us to show up for prayer and to desire to connect with God. That is so comforting to know! Thanks for the reminder.

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