Virtual connections

Last week I had the great privilege of having dinner with someone whom I had only connected with virtually before. It was a wonderful evening. The conversation weaved its way between depth and laughter with ease and lightness.

To be fair with this particular person there are two significant ‘real world’ connections. I taught her daughter first year chemistry and she is doing a spiritual direction course with a group I know well.

Still… I marvel at the way in which one really can connect via social media. Of course a single real world meeting changes the dynamic significantly and I very much look forward to our next encounter.

I am profoundly grateful to Fran Rossi Szpylczyn who taught me that sometimes risking making the virtual connection real is worth it. Several years ago she drove from Albany to Boston to have lunch with me! Her generosity and the joy of the real friendship I now have with her meant that I dared to respond positively to other invitations to meet up.

I am discerning in my choice of response, but so far, the risks I have chosen to take have yielded real joy.

Overall Facebook continues to enrich my life in wonderful ways. For today – I am grateful that it gives my deeply introverted being a way of engaging with others which is far less energetically costly than any other most of interaction, and yet provides the soil in which deep connection can germinate.

One thought on “Virtual connections

  1. Mags, I was so happy that we met for lunch that day, and I especially loved our second meet up/retreat as well, in no small part because it included Michelle. (Although I am sorry that my health made the return trip to MA so trying.) I am also so grateful to have met Caroline and Phil and your nephews, albeit briefly.

    Thanks for your touching reference, my own exuberance is sometimes a burden to me, and no doubt to others. We are all making our way back into One, and the speed and manner of such remains up to God, and of course our own willingness.

    Peace my friend, peace!

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