Motivated by small rewards

I am blessed with a fairly good degree of natural fitness. It doesn’t mean that I can run a marathon tomorrow but I can afford to be reasonably sporadic in my exercise routine. Sadly this means that I tend to under-exercise.

It has helped over the last few years that my medical aid plan has a reward system for exercise. You are awarded points for going to the gym or exercising over certain levels of exertion. Slowly over the year you can move from Bronze to Silver and on to Gold. Each milestone carries increased discounts on certain items. But the goals are relatively easy to achieve – meaning I can still get away with relatively little exercise.

A few months ago I was given a fitbit. It has been far more helpful in getting me off the couch than I expected. Seeing the daily accumulation of steps and stairs climbed and the bonus of the virtual badges you receive at various milestones is genuinely motivating for me.

But this year my medical aid has gone another step – there are weekly (small) rewards for achieving certain exercise goals. It is brilliant. And it works. I want to exercise more because I want to achieve the goal that has been set for me. It is trivial, and I know it is ridiculous. But it works for me.

I’m not quite sure what deeper meaning to draw from this – for today I am simply grateful that I have the motivation to exercise a little more.

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