A year of forgiveness

In January I decided that I wanted to write a book on forgiveness in 2015. Inspired by discovering that I had learnt how to forgive in 2014 I thought it would be a good challenge.

As the year draws to a close I do indeed have a first (rough) draft of that manuscript. What has surprised me though is that this has turned into a year of forgiveness, reconciliation and letting go.

I have ended up delving deep into myself and finding the sources of my own inability to forgive. It has been a year of growing up in ways that I didn’t even know that I needed to!

I began this project because I thought I had learnt something useful, but it has ended up being far more of a gift to myself.

It has been a tough year; a year of reconfiguration; a year of realignment. In the end probably the most important year of my life so far.

Deo gratias!

One thought on “A year of forgiveness

  1. Mags, thank you for sharing this deep experience. I’m looking forward to your book. It has been a difficult few months for me with regard to the past rearing its ugly head but God is helping me move forward and I’m discovering things about myself as well. All I can say is that I’m deeply grateful for the love and mercy of God! Blessings to you and may 2016 bring you much peace and love and joy!

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