Unexpected angels

I have been acutely aware of the gift of particular people over the last few weeks. For reasons some clear and some utterly opaque it has been a challenging couple of weeks.

Without doubt the most notable person has been my sister, with whom I am staying at the moment. But it has been the unexpected contacts which proved most heartening to me.

I first noticed the presence of these angels on receiving an email from someone whom I have met just once. She sought me out to tell me how a particular point I made in my book Rooted in Love had resonated with her. Her email was sent on a day which particularly tough for me, and she simply said that she had been thinking about me and sent a beautiful poem she had written.

Since that message sent nearly two weeks ago there have been several other connections. An sms from my spiritual director; a couple of emails from a dear correspondent; another email from someone I know thanking me for blog post I wrote over a month ago; and an email from someone in spiritual direction with me. And then Facebook comments from a few friends and colleagues.

I sit here tonight in deep gratitude for every one of these angels. Their individual messages have woven a safety net for me during an emotionally turbulent period.

2 thoughts on “Unexpected angels

  1. I always find it amazing how God ministers to us through others! We are called to minister to one and it is indeed a privilege. Blessings and prayers for you at this time!

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