What a week!

This has been an incredibly emotional week. Starting off on Monday watching UCT students being putting in police vans. On Wednesday images of tear gas and stun grenades being used outside parliament and students being charged with High Treason.

Today watching the protestors at the Union Buildings, along with different kinds of unity across campuses. At UCT following the march which was attended by a large number of academic staff. At Stellenbosch seeing Merriman St filled with students of all races.

The hideous spectre of Blade Nzimande laughing about starting a movement called ‘StudentsMustFall’.

And now finally the announcement of 0% fee increases in 2016.

The voices of the students have been heard, but the real work begins today. How do we provide a quality education when the subsidy is dropping and our income student fees just got slashed? How do we step up to the task of creating new models when we are already strained?

It is not going to be easy, there is no quick fix solution. There can only be a willingness to change and a desire to do the work that must be done.

For the first time I relied almost entirely on social media for my updates. Twitter in particular has been the most powerful medium. It has been interesting to observe that the actions of important role models have gone almost unnoticed because they have relied on issue a ‘press release’. It isn’t enough in these kinds of situations anymore – send someone down to live tweet what they are observing. Be willing to get mucky. Be willing to be seen to be involved!

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