Today counts

We never get to a point when how we choose to spend our time or where we choose to focus our attention doesn’t matter.

How we choose to show up, and what we choose to focus on, does matter. It matters because it shapes tomorrow.

I have been struck recently that I have reason to be proud of what I have managed to achieve in my life. I’m not a candidate for any ‘hall of fame’ or the equivalent, but I think I can say that I have put in a good solid performance.

But I can’t rest on that.

I need to keep showing up and keep doing what is appropriate to my stage of life. I want to be proud of what I have managed to achieve when I look back from 2025. The only way I get to do that is by choosing to show up today.

I don’t mean to say that I need to work manically every day – I am a tortoise who likes to nap! I am firm believer that rest and down time are vitally important to productivity. And I am not a believer in productivity which is simply ‘busy work’. But producing anything worthwhile takes concentrated effort – whether it is academic research, or raising a family, or building a business.

None of it happens by accident – you may get a few lucky breaks along the way, but luck isn’t enough – there is grit, determination and a willingness to be uncomfortable on occasion.

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