The feast of St Ignatius

It feels slightly strange to be celebrating this feast on my own. When I say, on my own, I mean without an Ignatian community. For the last twelve years I have participated in Ignatian celebrations of one form or another with a group of people who practice Ignatian spirituality.

It hadn’t quite occurred to me that this year, as I have the wonderful pleasure of being on sabbatical in Massachusetts, my community is a little far away!

Nonetheless, I choose to mark this day, as I have come to do for the five years – writing notes to the two or three people who have been most influential in my life in the preceding year.

It is wonderful to take the time to savour the contribution of those few. Obviously, it is not an exhaustive list, I keep it to fewer than five. I find the practice useful. It reminds me of the deep connection that I have to a few people. It always leaves me feeling grateful and feeling loved. And I think it is important to express my thanks to those who have taken such care of me during this past year.

In a way, I think Ignatian spirituality saved me – it is through Ignatian spirituality and the various spiritual directions connections that I have made over the years, that I really learnt how to connect with my interior being and with others. So I am grateful too, for the Ignatius and his wisdom which still echoes 500 years later.


3 thoughts on “The feast of St Ignatius

  1. Mags, I feel deep gratitude for Saint Ignatius and his faithfulness to our Lord and for the gifts of wisdom that he gave to us. I believe that Ignatian spirituality and the Spiritual Exercises and my spiritual director who is a Jesuit have been used by our Lord to provide me with the healing I needed. This morning I went to 7:00 a.m. Mass to honour this amazing disciple of our Lord and will continue today to focus on my gratitude to God for the life of Saint Ignatius. Thank you so much for this post.

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