A week to remember

This last week has taught me a great deal about my own introversion. The interior shifts that have taken place in recent months seem to be bearing fruit.

It began with dinner last Sunday. I am not of a fan of groups – and by ‘groups’ I mean more than three people. ┬áIt’s not that I am socially awkward – although I can be! Rather, that I find conversing with more than one person seriously taxing. Dinner, last Sunday happened at a friend’s house. Four of us were present, the fifth person cancelled. And yet, it was I found the evening genuinely pleasant and relaxed.

Then I spent three days at a conference. Again the experience was relaxed. I knew a good number of people at the conference, but I also made some new connections (aided by social media!). Normally I find conferences very stressful.

The culmination has been a weekend spent in the house the parents of my closest friend. We are here in a different city giving talks on science for people of faith. The welcome I have received from her family has been very warm. I really do feel like an adopted sibling in a way. And again I have found the weekend far less stressful than I anticipated.

I know my own interior process of finding my own freedom has been a big deal in the last few months. But I am genuinely surprised by the way in which that has translated into my relationships with others.

I have known for a few years that I can do social interaction. What has surprised me in the last week, is that all of it has been less taxing than I anticipated. I can only attribute that to comfort in my own skin.


2 thoughts on “A week to remember

  1. I have experienced a similar thing in the past few years. As I have grown more comfortable with myself (and learned to place the boundaries clearly) I am discovering that I actually like people!

  2. Mags, the key is in your last sentence. When we know who we are, then we are empowered in ways we never thought possible. I can definitely relate to what you have written. God is so very good!

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