The 200th!

I find it amazing that I have reached my 200th blog post! When I began this blog in November 2012, I didn’t really think about the number of posts I would produce. So I haven’t really been paying attention to the incremental change in the number of posts. A few weeks ago I spotted that I was coming up on this particular milestone and it seems worth celebrating.

I’ve been thinking a little about why I began the blog and what has emerged from it. I began blogging because I did an online course on how to market your book and having a blog seemed to be a major factor. As I was in the process of completing Rooted in Love it seemed like a good idea.

Before I began this blog I had made attempts to start two other blogs. In both cases, I didn’t make more than a handful of posts. In both cases, I was afraid of putting my thoughts ‘out there’. The shift to marketing Rooted in Love meant this blog wasn’t about me, it was about the book. I had to make it public and I had to share what I was writing.

In the end I am not sure that I have used this blog at all well as marketing tool, it has been largely about what was going on in my head on any given day. I think that’s okay. I am glad that I had the courage to begin it because it has brought me at least two unexpected blessings.

Committing myself to a regular schedule was a good idea. It has meant that I haven’t just written when I have felt inspired, but rather, I have simply written about the things I am thinking about it. It has surprised me to see what people connect with! And it has been fun putting my thoughts out there. As a strong introvert, it has been probably been good for me to expose my interior process a little!

Undoubtedly the greatest gift though, has been the connections I have made with people in far flung places through the blog. I really didn’t expect that I would find new relationships through the blog and yet that has happened!

To all those who have connected with me through this space – thank you!


6 thoughts on “The 200th!

  1. Congrats, Mags! Indeed this is a milestone worth celebrating . . . and I gotta say I’m kinda relieved that it doesn’t come off as a ‘marketing tool’. Consider this, perhaps, you ‘felix culpa’? I reckon you’ve hit the sweet spot. Well done and keep up the good work!

  2. Mags I have loved reading your blogs, your book and I feel very grateful to have encountered you…. Especially as I live far away in France now, but the Zimbabwean/African connection makes me feel connected 😉 Thank you and keep on blogging.

  3. Your blog is a gift to many! Thank you for your faithfulness in posting. Blessings and congratulations on this milestone!!

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