Catalytic companionship

It had to come to this! Sooner or later chemistry was going to have to be part of my blogging life. There is a much bigger analogy involving organic synthesis which is working its way through my system, but for today – catalytic companionship.

In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance which provides a new route for a chemical reaction. One which requires less energy and therefore enables a faster reaction. The reaction is possible in the absence of the catalyst but it may take longer and require harsher conditions to get it to go. Add a bit of synthetic flair and you can sometimes get a catalyst to make significantly more of the product you want if there is the option of few possible products.

In the last months I have enjoyed catalytic companionship with a woman half a world away. We have been exchanging emails. Somehow her presence in my life has precipitated significant interior shifts in me. I say precipitated, because in part, the correspondence has been significant. But at the same time I know that reagents necessary were already swirling in the vessel before she appeared on the scene.

Somehow, with her companionship, the activation energy barrier has been surpassed. And I am in a new place.

The catalyst itself is regenerated in the reaction cycle. It is not used up, it is not changed. Likewise in the midst of this, my companion has been on her own journey.

For a person like me, whose greatest fear is being a burden on others, such catalytic companionship is truly a grace and a gift from God. (I have already expressed my gratitude to my companion!)

5 thoughts on “Catalytic companionship

  1. What a privilege for your companion to be used by our Lord as a catalyst in the life of another! It’s also a blessing for her that you recognize her catalytic qualities and have expressed your appreciation. God has sent wonderful people to me at times as well and it is pure gift for both of us.

  2. How wonderful for you both. You have brought a smile to my face. God is behind ALL connections. I am blessed to be tangentially connected to you!

  3. Our world is energy and matter! Love is the energy to find what matters! From a fellow science nerd….All prayers and best wishes! John

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