Celebrating some extraordinary women

I want to write today of some of the women that I am privileged to connect with…

I want to celebrate a simple supper with a dear friend who is twenty years my senior. The beauty of real connection, and my own sense of gratitude for being seen by her. She was the woman who helped me to teach myself how to actually feel and name my emotions.

I want to celebrate the connection with childhood acquaintance who has unexpectedly become something of a spiritual pen pal (although email buddy is perhaps more accurate!). The relationship is just a few months old, but already it has brought such healing to me.

I want to celebrate the tremendous gift of my spiritual director whom I first really connected with almost exactly six years ago. Her gentle holding of me has helped shape the person I am becoming – there are no words to describe my sense of gratitude

I am acutely aware this week of the value of real connection. And I am profoundly grateful for the presence of each of these women in my life at the moment.

Who are the people in your life for whom you are particularly grateful at this time?


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