The fire rages on

There is a massive fire burning on the Cape Peninsular. Today is the fourth day and still the fire continues. It is disturbing and unsettling. Quite literally so for many families who have had to evacuate.

And yet the Cape fynbos needs fire (You can read more about that here). The Cape flora have evolved to require fire every 10 to 15 years. It is living alongside the fynbos which creates the tension and the fear of disaster. The devastation of the fire is necessary for the long term health of the flora.

And yet, it so very hard to hold that perspective as I watch the flickering flames on the side of the Mountain. There have already been families who have lost their homes. The threat is real.

It makes me wonder though if the human psyche isn’t a bit like the Cape fynbos. Maybe we need the occasional devastation to clear out the dross and to allow for new growth.

What are the parts of myself which I desperately try to protect when the internal fire rages? The structures I have built, but which have no real place in the True Self.

Perhaps the quest for interior freedom is to be able to let the fire rage when suffering ignites it, and to let it take what it will, trusting that the new growth will come.

6 thoughts on “The fire rages on

  1. Beautiful reflection, Mags. Fire, like water, is so beneficial but it has to be just the right amount. It seems, though, that different species need different amounts in order to thrive. While I value your reflections on the inner world, I wonder how (and whether) we can we learn to live in better balance with our inter-species family?

    Also, doesn’t Cape Town do ‘controlled burning’ for the fynbos?

    • Hey Kate – spot on with your observations! Actually I think there may be a useful spiritual insight in terms of ‘controlled burns’ – I may have to do a follow up blog post!

  2. Living in New Mexico, in the American Southwest, I am very familiar with the destructive power of wildfires. But also the new growth that follows in the mountain landscape. The season of Lent is a good time to meditate on dying to the old and rising to new life – the Paschal Mystery. Thanks, Mags. I will pray for those in harms way.

  3. The possibilities of fire … they are many. And sometimes we have to burn down the house in order to rebuild it, to empty ourselves, realizing that empty is a kind of fullness. How appropriate that I should come here and read this post, given that my most recent post, called ‘the discover of loss,’ discusses these themes.

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