On preparing for new beginnings

I never thought I would feel grateful for Lent. Not that I was ever ungrateful for it. It just never occurred to me that I would ever connect a feeling of gratitude with a change in the liturgical season.

And yet here I am – grateful that it is Ash Wednesday and grateful that there are significant number of weeks to go before we get to celebrate Easter.

The last few weeks have been big for me in ways that I am not ready to articulate in this space. There has been a significant letting go of something which has held me for far too long. The initial sense of elation has passed, and in its place is a recognition of the need to learn to live into this new space. Gently!

How fortunate to be thrust into the season of Lent at this time! A season of letting go; a season of preparation for the great feast of Easter.

I feel like the enforced liturgical pause will be good for me. A time to explore the living now. To slowly learn to move the parts which have so long been atrophied – clinging to an old wounding so tightly that their primary purpose has been long forgotten.

I feel I need to stretch gently; to move a little each day; and learn anew what it is to live unfettered by this particular burden.

I am grateful for the pause of Lent. I get to let go of the old self and to prepare for what is to come. I am well aware that I simply don’t know what that will look like. But I trust wholeheartedly in the grace of God who has carried me thus far.

7 thoughts on “On preparing for new beginnings

  1. I like the idea of thinking of Lent as a time of letting go. We cling to so many things but if we are able to let go then this time of preparation for the Passion, death and resurrection of Jesus will bring us to the cross of Christ empty-handed and ready to accept Christ’s gift of life more fully then ever before. Thank you for this post. May your journey through Lent be a graced experience.

  2. I’m so glad that Lent is coming at a good time for you! I have almost always felt grateful for Lent. I love having a period of recalibrating my habits and focusing on prayer. As you probably have noticed Lent is not speaking much to me right now; this is one of the first years that I have entered with a shrug rather than some excitement for growth. Pray for me please!

    • Thoughts and prayers with you, Margaret! Don’t forget though that this is a huge time of transition for you. Just let that happen gently, the time for spiritual recalibration will come in due course.

  3. Letting go – what a wonderful, liberating sentiment to attach to Lent. I am emerging from a deep, dark and painful season of loss. And find it somewhat frightening and difficult to let go of these losses, and embrace and acknowledge their purpose.

    Even though Lent traditionally calls me to a starkness, I fell so much light here, in Lent.

    Thank you for your words and the message they contain. Blessing to you, Margaret.

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