At sea

I am tired. The source of the fatigue is not the usual soul-sapping emotional fatigue which I now recognise all to well. Partly it is the end of what has been an emotionally demanding year. But I think it is also that another of life’s cycles has come to end. A process which began in me five years ago is now at an end. I am tremendously grateful for the journey, but I tired.

I don’t really have the energy or the inclination to think too much about what is going on in society, but when I do raise my gaze to the wider world I see that all is not well.

This last week I have become aware of the level of disillusionment, dissatisfaction and abusive behaviour in society. Most acutely in South Africa, but there are strong echoes in other parts of the world too.

I have no idea how to respond. But I see a few signs of hope.

Russell Pollitt’s commentary on the dynamic of discernment which seems to be be taking hold in the Vatican – and creating a great deal of discomfort (You can find it here).

Lord Jonathan Sacks who served as Chief Rabbi in the United Kingdom also had some profound thoughts about marriage (You can read themĀ

There are good people who are trying to be discerning; trying to see where the Spirit is moving.

I am sure there are more, I hope more people join them. I am not sure that there is anything else in which to hope – but good people seeking with humility for better answers.


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