Uncertainty is vital for faith

I have been walking alongside others in their faith journeys for over a decade now in the ministry of spiritual direction. As I reflect on those people who have had transformational experiences which I have been privileged to witness, I realize that there is one element which unites them. Every single one has been willing to grapple with uncertainty in their faith journey.

That uncertainty shows up in different ways. For some it is an acknowledgement of resistance in prayer, for others a struggle with elements of Scripture, or a struggle with church doctrine. The point is there is a flavour of the Roman soldier ‘I believe, help my unbelief’. There is also a sense of mystery about the nature of God.

Uncertainty affords an openness; a willingness to be surprised by God, and perhaps surprised by oneself too!

Uncertainty, far from being problematic, may be the gateway to redemption.

4 thoughts on “Uncertainty is vital for faith

  1. Interesting point. I deeply envy those who are certain of God’s existence, and his influence in lives. I feel neither and I am not even certain there is a god of any kind, but saying that involves a world of pain I cannot here begin to describe. I am not sure that this post of yours helps, but maybe it says something that I felt moved to write something,

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