Santa isn’t real

I’ve had an odd week. My underlying character has been revealed to me very gently in three different circumstances.

1. A friend posted a class photo from Grade 1 which prompted various memories. One friend remarked that she remembered when I told her that Santa wasn’t real. Apparently I was that kid.

2. A male friend of mine dropped by to tell me that he and a female friend of mine have begun dating. I then had a conversation with the female friend wishing them well. A few days later the female friend was talking about how various people had responded. Apparently I was only one who said ‘Good luck!’ which had the effect of pulling her slightly back down to reality. Apparently I am that friend.

3. I had a most enjoyable evening a good friend and some people I have known a little, but who I hope will become friends. The husband remarked that if he had a band-aid that needed to be removed quickly he wouldn’t come to me. This after watching my banter with my friend. Apparently I am that person.

The thing about all of these, is that each of them makes me laugh – that deep belly, knowing laugh. I recognise that they are all true. I am not sure what the implications of all of these are, except perhaps I am a little less gentle than I would have liked to believe, and a little more wedded to reality than most. Oh well!!

I guess the thing that catches me about all of these, is that I am not used to thinking of myself as someone that others think about. Yet in each case there has been a lasting effect. (Some for longer than others!!)

I can’t explain why that is important in a few words, but it strikes a chord deep within me. I am deeply grateful for the odd confluence of events which brought all these comments to my attention at this time. (I am also just a little apologetic to my childhood friend – I really didn’t mean to shatter that illusion!!)

4 thoughts on “Santa isn’t real

  1. Ha! I was the kid who stubbornly refused to believe that Santa wasn’t real.
    I clung to the illusion for as long as I could and would tell people, “You
    believe what you want to believe and I’ll believe what I want to believe.” I was
    that kid! What does that say about me? That stubborn element to my character makes me wonder if sometimes I am doing that with God? Clinging onto an illusion.

    I also relate to that feeling of realising that people think/talk about you and that you have an affect on people. It’s strange.

  2. So enjoying reading your writing and resonating with your observations. Halfway through Rooted in Love and inspired by your ability to bring the spiritual into tangible reality. The metaphor of a tree rooted in the soil is my coaching model (I called it nature-nurture) so it really speaks to me.

    • Hey Val – Thanks!! I’m so glad you are enjoying Rooted in Love! Looking forward to catching up in person

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