How have I ended up here?

I am sitting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am here for a Spiritual Directors’ International conference. I am giving a workshop in a couple of days time.

My question is only partially geographical.

I watched Dead Poets’ Society a few weeks ago. Watching this film when it came out in 1990 was significant to me. I was just a bit younger than the boys depicted in the film. Thoreau’s idea of ‘living deliberately’ have echoed through my late adolescence and emergence into adulthood.

Watching again perhaps 7 or 8 years after I last saw it was illuminating. A substantial shift has happened in those years. I am no longer waiting to see how my life will turn out – I am living it.

Perhaps the thing that delights me most is that I am living a rich and full life. Certainly I would not have imagined back then that my life would look as it does now.

Even five years ago, I could not have imagined that I would be able to fashion an unusual academic career which combines interests in chemistry, spirituality and education.

There are so many things for which I am profoundly grateful.

Yet, sitting here in New Mexico, I am mystified by the journey. How did I get here?

There was some luck, some hard work, some real searching, and a whole heap of grace. Yes. I have taken every step. Yes, I have stuck my neck out on occasion. But I cannot claim credit for the whole thing – there have been many angels along the way.


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