The morning star

As I walked out to my car this morning I noticed Venus shining brightly over the crescent moon. I was reminded of the period I lived in France. It was a difficult for me in that life circumstances had triggered a major crisis in faith.

The image of God I had had as an all-powerful Creator was shattered and I was left wondering whether I believed at all. There were a few key consolations which kept me going in those months. One of them was the morning star.

As I walked to work each morning I found myself watching Venus. It was something reasonably constant and reliable that I could cling to. The promise of the morning and the rising sun was a thread of hope.

As I pondered that memory on my drive in to work this morning – so many years later – I found myself remembering other times of darkness and confusion. It struck me that in all cases there was an orientating light. Some small sign of hope. A reassurance that I was looking in the right direction and that if I just keep going the dawn would come.

Sometimes that promise of hope is desperately fragile. Sometimes it is more robust. Always, the dawn eventually breaks.

4 thoughts on “The morning star

  1. In 2 Peter 1:19, he talks about the “morning star that rises in your heart.” These words have stayed upon my own heart for so many years in my faith journey. And for more years than I can even say, from when I used to leave in the early morning, and gaze up at Venus, that orientation was my gratitude in life… at a time when I was particularly ungrateful in general.

    Thanks for this thoughtful reminder that our idea of linear time and how God works, are not one and the same. There is something very powerful about that.

  2. You are not alone my dear friend, in sharing the blessing…. yes, I said blessing… of occasional doubt. It is God’s smiling gift to us. A prod to explore more. To seek deeper knowledge and connections to Him/Her. And your words, through this blog, ripple out to touch so many like-minded souls with fragile, oft-challenged relations with the One above. Know that your words are inspired and appreciated.

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