With gratitude to my spiritual directors

In recent weeks I have received some feedback on Rooted in Love. I have been awed by the way in which it seems to have touched at least a few people. It seems it has been the right message at just the time it was needed.

I had hoped and perhaps even dared to expect that a good number of people would find the book helpful. And that certainly seems to be true. But it is extraordinary to me that there are a few people who seem to be finding it transformative. Such is the grace of God.

Nonetheless, I find myself wanting to pay tribute to my spiritual directors. Over the last 15 years I have been blessed in six people who have been willing to accompany me over various periods of time. Some have accompanied me for four or five years, some for shorter periods. But I can honestly say that each of them has left a lasting impression.

I am who I am today because of the encouragement and care that they have taken. Their willingness to sit with me in celebration and in confusion has been invaluable. In many ways they have been the guardians of my progress into adulthood.

If Rooted in Love is indeed a book which is touching people, then I must own my indebtedness to my spiritual directors. They were instrumental to varying degrees and in different ways to my development. I am sure I have unconsciously drawn on ideas they have given me, and I am sure that I do not give any of them due credit in the book itself.

I will not name them here either, because spiritual direction is a private ministry. The personal dynamics between director and directee play an important role in the flow of grace. I don’t wish to burden any of them with a sense of expectation or obligation in any of their other relationships.

But as I write I see each one before me. I feel the chair I sat in as I spoke and they listened. I see the rooms we met in. And I give thanks to God for their presence in my life. Each had a particular gift.

For those who have read Rooted in Love and found it helpful, spare a prayer today for those who have accompanied me on my journey. It would not be the book it is without them.

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