Don’t wait for inspiration

I began this blog a year ago today. So the main purpose of this post is to celebrate the year.

I have gained tremendously through this blog. Firstly, I have made some wonderful connections in different parts of the world. Secondly, I have really enjoyed the challenge of writing something every four or five days.

When I began the blog I thought that it’s main purpose was to provide a following for my writing – so Rooted in Love would not be launched in a vacuum. But it has taken on a life of its own. At the time I began something I read suggested that you need to blog with some regularity. Within a few weeks I settled on a routine of Monday, Friday, Wednesday – three posts in two weeks. The routine has worked well.

As I was thinking about what I would write today, it struck me that the most important lesson the blog has taught me is not to wait for inspiration. I post what I have – sometimes it is pretty good, other times, rather insipid – but I keep showing up and doing what I can.

I have long followed a similar idea in my prayer – following the Ignatian tradition I show up to pray whether I feel like it or not. Sometimes it is great, other times far less so, but I keep going, and the discipline of the routine keeps me going.

In some ways I feel that the blog has been a cross-over space. The content often emerges from prayer, but it is expressed in the public domain. This particular idea of simply showing up whether I feel inspired or not is a something I wish to carry into other life spaces. There is a particular aspect of my working life which may well benefit if I begin to practice this kind of showing up.

The continual creation of this blog has yielded an unexpected grace for me – and I am deeply grateful for it.

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  1. Thank you this insight into how you are living your faith along an Ignatian path. I have only recently come to know anything about him (after reading The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, by Fr. James Martin SJ), but it transformed my life and I have begun a blog with a similar…although I have no current intentions of writing a book. It seemed to me that those of us who are just trying to lead our lives in a faith filled way and who have the gift of expressing ourselves in writing, have something very important to share with others.

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