Nothing can be loved at speed

The phrase ‘Nothing can be loved at speed’ comes from a prayer by Michael Leunig (you can find the prayer and some of his artwork here)

I find the thought utterly arresting. It stops me in my tracks. It is so obvious and yet the phrasing somehow lets the message hit home anew.

Relationships must be fostered over time. And not just with the passage of time, but with the investment of time.

I cannot help but extrapolate this idea into many different areas of my life. Good solid research doesn’t happen quickly. Major breakthroughs and insights do come, but not usually from nowhere. A good piece of writing is very rarely the first draft.

We live in a world where there is such pressure to produce or to achieve or to tick off the list, that it is easy to forget that quality takes time.

Being present to someone is the greatest gift we have to give.

Nothing can be loved at speed.

4 thoughts on “Nothing can be loved at speed

  1. This is where age is a blessing, a grace, a gift. Where often one’s body simply can no longer keep the speed of days past. There is the excitement of speed and the bliss of slowness. A letting go of willfulness.
    Thank you for bringing this message to me today.

  2. Spending time with my family on holiday last week truly reminds me of this. Typically we are all flying around in different directions, but our intentional time together is so rich.

    Yet, while I “know” this, it is so hard to live this way, yet that is what I strive to do. Thank you for the beautifully put reminder.

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