Celebrating the gift of today

There is something about getting away which helps bring perspective on life. I am not sure quite what it is. I recognise that for me the perfect getaway is somewhere quiet where I can go for long walks. Preferably with a view of some sort, but that is an added bonus.

I guess I am entering that phase of life where I am now living the life that seemed just around the corner for so long. I have a good job and I am reasonably settled. None of it is particularly earth-shattering, but the combination of life as an academic, spiritual direction and the network of friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances provides a framework which I think would be hard to replicate. The blend is deeply satisfying.

When I am immersed in my life I can so easily lose sight of the tremendous blessing that it is. The daily toil of mundane tasks and minor frustrations can so easily cloud out the greater truth – the life I am living is far richer than any life I imagined for myself when I was growing up.

This is not to suggest that my life is perfect – there are things I need to work on, things I want to achieve, things I want to let go of. There are parts of myself that I still battle with, but on balance I am incredibly blessed.

So for today I am celebrating my life. Deeply grateful to all who aided me in the journey thus far. Deeply grateful for the morning sun over False Bay and the promise of another day.


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