When inspiration fails

I have noticed over the last week or so that I have found it increasingly difficult to be creative. Sitting down in front of a blank page to write this blog post is a major challenge. I was tempted on my last post to write about lack of inspiration, but here I am five days later, and I am glad I can at least write about this because there really is nothing else!

I think I am just tired. The end of the semester has happened, there are a few admin tasks left, but the major stress is over. I planned this week rather badly in that I have an overdose of spirituality related engagements – two talks in two different churches, a reading group and the final two days of a spiritual direction course. In case it isn’t clear I am leading all of those. Somehow the week didn’t look so bad when I was agreeing to all these things!

So now I sit writing because I have committed myself to this rhythm of posting and I think it is important for me to show up even if my message is pedestrian at best. Maybe it is important to be clear about the fact that I don’t always feel inspired. Nobody does! We all go through times where the creative process feels easier than others. The challenge is to keep going through the tough times. It is way too easy to hold off until the next wave of inspiration.

If I had waited for inspiration to strike I would have posted at all this week. Now blogging is just a hobby for me, but the commitment to show up even when I don’t really feel like it seems like a good thing – even if the post is less than inspiring. I do this because I trust that inspiration will return and if my routine is still in place it will be far easier to harness the energy.

One thought on “When inspiration fails

  1. Even if you think it is pedestrian… I am relieved & encouraged that everyone goes through dry patches. You will come out & be back with the energy you need x

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