A life of faith

What does it mean to live a life of faith? Living a life of faith is more than simply admitting allegiance to a particular belief system. It is more than regular attendance at some form of communal worship. To have any real meaning, faith must be a significant factor in life, rather than just a hobby which happens to provide a social circle. I know that many people focus on the hereafter. It is a very Christian idea that professing faith in Jesus is start of salvation. It is our entry into heaven. I understand where that thinking comes from, and certainly there was a time in my life when my faith was a bit like an insurance policy. At that stage my faith life had a fairly minimal impact on how I lived my life, and I was not sure whether God existed or not, so I figured, practising faith did not cost me terribly much but it could have very serious consequences in the hereafter so on balance I was better off continuing as I was, attending Mass on Sunday and doing a quick five minutes of prayer just before I fell asleep at night. To me, that kind of faith now seems a little pointless.

After making the Spiritual Exercises, my faith shifted from being something important but peripheral in my life, to being central. Relationship with God became my primary concern. Having practised faith in this way, supported by having a daily prayer time for more than a decade has borne wonderful fruit in my life. I have learnt an enormous amount about myself in the process, and I know that this practice has shaped and changed my interaction with others. It has changed the value system I hold within my life. Not necessarily in terms of what is important to me, but the ordering of those significant things. I have come to value my relationships with others far more than my personal achievements for example. In this way faith is shaping my daily reality. To me, this is a life of faith rather than any particular declaration or assertion of beliefs. The reason I continue to believe is that it continues to provide the best framework for my experience, and through practising my faith, my being has been enriched beyond anything I imagined possible. In this way it has a profound impact on my life on a daily basis. What happens in the hereafter will take care of itself.

What is faith to you and how does it impact your life?

2 thoughts on “A life of faith

  1. What is faith to me?
    Knowing that I am loved and always will be
    A love that knows me and still holds me dear.
    A love that was willing to give everything that I might know it and be able to live in its daily reality
    A love that has no agenda or conditions and indeed freely forgives me every day, even every moment..
    Faith is knowing that my past, present and future are completely cared for and covered against all eventualties. I am no longer victim to my past, imprisoned in my present or fearful of my future.
    Faith = Adventure. I can dare to explore, to dream, to live, to wonder, to be me.
    In this world of cynical self promotion and acquisition Faith sets me free to live for God, for others as well as living for my own true self. Faith opens my heart to a way of loving and serving that without God I could never desire let alone achieve.
    Faith is the knowing that I can love freely and without fear. In God there is no catch. Because He loves me He sets me free to love. Faith is relationship. I as a single person am also a sought after bride. I as a rejected and abused child am now a beloved daughter. I who struggle with isolation becauase of deafness am a friend of Jesus and can hear His voice.
    What is faith to me? It is the knowing that in all my weakness, failures and problems of life I have a Friend and Father in God who will always be walking alongside me.
    I beloing.
    I am trusted with keys of His kingdom
    I am part of all that He is and all that He is doing

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